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Dr. Mariana PINTEALĂ, Senior Researcher – Head of the department
– Development of new polymer-based materials: supramolecular (co)polymers assemblies for industrial applications; antifungal nanotherapeutics; focal gene and drug delivery systems. E-mail:


[1] N. Marangoci, S.S. Maier, R. Ardeleanu, A. Arvinte, A. Fifere, A.R. Petrovici, A. Nicolescu, V. Nastasa, M. Mares, S.A. Pasca, R.F. Moraru, M. Pinteala, A. Chiriac, Low toxicity β-cyclodextrin-caged 4,4′-bipyridinium-bis(siloxane): synthesis and evaluation, Chem Res Toxicol 27 (2014) 546. doi:10.1021/tx400407e (IF: 3.274, Q2-chem., medicinal).

[2] N. Marangoci, R. Ardeleanu, L. Ursu, C. Ibanescu, M. Danu, M. Pinteala, B.C. Simionescu, Polysiloxane ionic liquids as good solvents for β-cyclodextrin-polydimethylsiloxane polyrotaxane structures, Beilstein J Org Chem 8 (2012) 1610. doi:10.3762/bjoc.8.184 (IF: 2.595, Q2-chem., org.).

[3] N. Marangoci, D. Timpu, A. Corciova, C. Mircea, A.R. Petrovici, A. Nicolescu, E.L. Ursu, V. Nastasa, A.C. Bostanaru, M. Mares, M. Pertea, M. Pinteala, β-Cyclodextrin as a functional excipient used for enhancing the diminazene aceturate bioavailability, Pharmaceutics 11 (2019) 295. doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics11060295 (IF: 4.773, Q1-pharmacol. & pharm.).

[4] B. Minea, N. Marangoci, D. Peptanariu, I. Rosca, V. Nastasa, A. Corciova, C. Varganici, A. Nicolescu, A. Fifere, A. Neamtu, M. Mares, M. Barboiu, M. Pinteala, Inclusion complexes of propiconazole nitrate with substituted β-cyclodextrins: the synthesis and in silico and in vitro assessment of their antifungal properties, New J Chem 40 (2016) 1765. doi:10.1039/c5nj01811k (IF: 3.069, Q2-multidisciplinary).

[5] R. Ardeleanu, A.I. Dascalu, A. Neamtu, D. Peptanariu, C.M. Uritu, S.S. Maier, A. Nicolescu, B.C. Simionescu, M Barboiu, M Pinteala, Multivalent polyrotaxane vectors as adaptive cargo complexes for gene therapy, Polym Chem 9 (2018) 845. doi:10.1039/c7py01256j (IF. 4.76, Q1-polym. sci.).

[6] A.I. Dascalu, R. Ardeleanu, A. Neamtu, S.S. Maier, C.M. Uritu, A. Nicolescu, M. Silion, D. Peptanariu, M. Calin, M. Pinteala, Transfection-capable polycationic nanovectors which include PEGylated-cyclodextrin structural units: a new synthesis pathway, J Mater Chem B 5 (2017) 7164. doi:10.1039/c7tb01722g (IF: 5.047, Q1-mater. sci., biomater.).

[7] C.M. Uritu, M. Calin, S.S. Maier, C. Cojocaru, A. Nicolescu, D. Peptanariu, C.A. Constantinescu, D. Stan, M. Barboiu, M. Pinteala, Flexible cyclic siloxane core enhances the transfection efficiency of polyethylenimine-based non-viral gene vectors, J Mater Chem B 3 (2015) 8250. doi:10.1039/c5tb01342a (IF: 5.047, Q1-mater. sci., biomater.).

[8] B.F. Craciun, G. Gavril, D. Peptanariu, L.E. Ursu, L. Clima, M. Pinteala, Synergistic effect of low molecular weight polyethylenimine and polyethylene glycol components in dynamic nonviral vector structure, toxicity, and transfection efficiency, Molecules 24 (2019) 1460. doi:10.3390/molecules24081460 (IF: 3.06, Q2-biochem. & mol. Boil.).

[9] L. Clima, B.F. Craciun, G. Gavril, M. Pinteala, Tunable composition of dynamic non-viral vectors over the DNA polyplex formation and nucleic acid transfection, Polymers 11 (2019) 1313. doi:10.3390/polym11081313 (IF: 3.164, Q1-polym. sci.).

[10] A. Durdureanu-Angheluta, C.M. Uritu, A. Coroaba, B. Minea, F. Doroftei, M. Calin, S.S. Maier, M. Pintealacorresponding, M. Simionescu, B.C. Simionescu, Heparin-anthranoid conjugates associated with nanomagnetite particles and their cytotoxic effect on cancer cells, J Biomed Nanotechnol 10 (2014) 131. doi:10.1166/jbn.2014.1690 (IF: 5.068, Q1-mater. sci., biomater.).

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