Synthesis and characterization of thermoreactive resins (phenol, epoxy and vinylester) and multicomponent polymeric materials (polymer blends, composites, interpenetrating and semi–interpenetrating polymer networks), thermal and photochemical stability of polymeric materials, compatibility studies based on structure–properties relationships in polymeric materials, general behavior of polymers exposed under the action of environmental factors, artificial accelerated UV aging studies of multicomponent polymeric materials, lifetime evaluation studies of materials from thermal data. She has expertise in the extraction and characterization of natural and synthetic (polymer) products and modification of vegetable oils from renewable resources, chemical modification of vegetable resources and wood protection. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry (2003) from the Technical University „Gh. Asachi” of Iași, Romania, under the supervision of Associate Prof. Cornelia Vasile (New multicomponent polyurethane materials. Structure-Morphology-Properties relations). The total number of citations is 1383 and h–index 20. She is a member and treasurer of the Romanian Chemical Society (SChR) (Iași subsidiary) since 2000. She has won the Romanian Academy Award “Costin D. Nenitescu” in 2020 (Natural multicomponent polymer systems–modification, degradation, stabilization).


+40 232 217 454

Curiculum Vitae
Publications List
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