He is a PhD student in the field of chemistry, developing a series of inorganic and organic nanoparticles with the property of broad-spectrum drug delivery.


+40 743 318 773

Curiculum Vitae
Publications List
1.Ghiarasim, R.; Tiron, C.E.; Tiron, A.; Dimofte, M.-G.; Pinteala, M.; Rotaru, A. Solid-Phase Synthesized Copolymers for the Assembly of pH-Sensitive Micelles Suitable for Drug Delivery Applications. Nanomaterials202212, 1798.10.3390/nano1211179820220
2.Morarasu, S.; Morarasu, B.C.; Ghiarasim, R.; Coroaba, A.; Tiron, C.; Iliescu, R.; Dimofte, G.-M. Targeted Cancer Therapy via pH-Functionalized Nanoparticles: A Scoping Review of Methods and Outcomes. Gels20228, 232.10.3390/gels804023220223
3.Ghiarasim, R.; Simionescu, N.; Coroaba, A.; Uritu, C.M.; Marangoci, N.L.; Ibanescu, S.-A.; Pinteala, M. SI-ATRP Decoration of Magnetic Nanoparticles with PHEMA and Post-Polymerization Modification with Folic Acid for Tumor Cells’ Specific Targeting. Int. J. Mol. Sci.202223, 155.10.3390/ijms2301015520221
4.Sardaru, M.-C.; Rosca, I.; Morariu, S.; Ursu, E.-L.; Ghiarasim, R.; Rotaru. Injectable Thixotropic β–Cyclodextrin–Functionalized Hydrogels Based on Guanosine Quartet Assembly, Int. J. Mol. Sci.202122 (17), 9179.10.3390/ijms2217917920210