Dr. Carmen-Alice TEACA

Scientific Researcher III




Multi-component polymer systems comprising wood as bio-based component and thermoplastic polymer matrices; chemical modification of wood using organic anhydrides; organic acid modified starch microparticles/plasticized starch bio-composite films per se and reinforced by lignin; green composites comprising thermoplastic starch and various cellulose-based fillers; natural polymers interaction with ionic liquids; structural changes in cellulosic materials after pre-treatment with ionic liquids and enzymatic hydrolysis; structural changes in wood, per se and/or chemically modified, under artificial UV light irradiation; wood protection against degradation processes through chemical modification and coating using natural, bio-based vegetal products


+40 232 217 454

Curiculum Vitae
Publications List
1.Teacă, C.-A. Crystalline structure of cellulose in wood after chemical modification using cyclic acid anhydrides (maleic and succinic), BioResources, 202318 (2), 2535-2550.10.15376/biores.18.2.2535-255020230
2.Teaca, C.-A., Ignat, M.-E., Nechifor, M., Tanasă, F., Ignat, L., In-Soil Degradation of Polymer Materials Waste – A Survey of Different Approaches in Relation with Environmental Impact, BioResources, 2023, 18 (1), 2213-2261.10.15376/biores.18.1.Teaca20230
3.Teacă, C.-A.; Tanasă, F. Wood Surface Modification—Classic and Modern Approaches in Wood Chemical Treatment by Esterification Reactions. Coatings 202010, 629.10.3390/coatings10070629202017
4.Collins, M. N.; Nechifor, M.; Tanasă, F.; Zănoagă, M.; McLoughlin, A.; Strozyk, M. A.; Culebras, M.; Teacă, C.-A.; Valorization of lignin in polymer and composite systems for advanced engineering applications – A review, Int. J. Biol. Macromol., 2019, 131, 828-849.10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2019.03.0692019291
5.Rosu, L.; Varganici, C.-D.; Mustata, F.; Rusu, T.; Rosu, D.; Rosca, I.; Tudorachi, N.; Teacă, C.-A., Enhancing the Thermal and Fungal Resistance of Wood Treated with Natural and Synthetic Derived Epoxy Resins, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering20186 (4), 5470-5478.10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b00331201832
6.Rosu, D ; Teaca, CA; Bodirlau, R; Rosu, L; FTIR and color change of the modified wood as a result of artificial light irradiation, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 2010, 99, 144–149.10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2010.03.0102010126