Dr. Cristian-Dragos VARGANICI

Scientific Researcher III




Research domains: physico–chemical characterization of epoxy resins and multicomponent polymeric materials (polymer blends, composites, interpenetrating and semi–interpenetrating polymer networks), thermal and photochemical stability of polymeric materials, compatibility studies based on structure–properties relationships in polymeric materials, general behavior of polymers exposed under the action of environmental factors, artificial accelerated UV aging studies of multicomponent polymeric materials, lifetime evaluation studies of materials from thermal data. He has a Ph.D. in Chemistry (2015) from the Romanian Academy under the supervision of Acad. Bogdan C. Simionescu (Thermal and Photochemical Stability of multifunctional polymeric materials) (Summa cum Laude). He has published over 100 scientific articles and attended over 30 international conferences. The total number of citations is 1762 and h–index 26 (Google Scholar). He is a member of the Romanian Chemical Society (SChR) since 2015 and the The Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM) since 2013. He was awarded the “Andrzej Malecki” Grant for Best Young Researcher from Central & Eastern Europe in the field of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (Sapienza University, Rome, Italy) in 2019 and the Romanian Academy Award “Costin D. Nenitescu” in 2020 (Natural multicomponent polymer systems–modification, degradation, stabilization). He is editorial board member and guest editor for the journals Polymers and Materials (MDPI).


+40 332 880 050 – 358

Curiculum Vitae
Publications List
1.C.–D. Varganici, L. Rosu, D. Rosu, C. Hamciuc, I. Rosca, A.–L. Vasiliu, Effect of Hardener Type on the Photochemical and Antifungal Performance of Epoxy and Oligophosphonate S–IPNs, Polymers, 2022, 14 (18), 3784.10.3390/polym1418378420221
2.C.–D. Varganici, L. Rosu, S. Lehner, C. Hamciuc, M. Jovic, D. Rosu, F. Mustata, S. Gaan, Semi–interpenetrating networks based on epoxy resin and oligophosphonate: Comparative effect of three hardeners on the thermal and fire properties, Mater. Des., 2021, 212, 110237.10.1016/j.matdes.2021.110237202110
3.C.–D. Varganici, N. Marangoci, L. Rosu, C. Barbu–Mic, D. Rosu, M. Pinteala, B.C. Simionescu, TGA/DTA-FTIR-MS coupling as analytical tool for confirming inclusion complexes occurrence in supramolecular host-guest architectures, J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis, 2015, 115, 132–142.10.1016/j.jaap.2015.07.006201519
4.C.–D. Varganici, L. Rosu, D. Rosu, B.C. Simionescu, Miscibility studies of some semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on an aromatic polyurethane and epoxy resin, Compos. Part B: Eng., 2013, 50, 273–278.10.1016/j.compositesb.2013.02.005201331
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