Dr. Bogdan Florin CRACIUN

Research Assistant




Research assistant at PPMIC, specialized in organic synthesis as well as the procedures required to purify and characterize the chemical compounds (e.g. NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence). He also has experience with drug and genetic material delivery systems obtained through Dynamic Chemistry, as well as a thorough understanding of all the techniques used to characterize macromolecular and supramolecular systems, from structural (e.g. NMR, FTIR, UV-VIS, SAX, DRX, XPS, CD) to morphological (e.g. AFM, TEM, SEM, DLS) and biological assessments (e.g. Gel Electrophoresis, controlled release of drugs). His scientific contribution is emphasized by 10 ISI articles, one book chapter, and an H-index of 5 (WoS), 5 (Google), and 6 (Scopus). During his research career, he was a member in 12 national/international grants implementation teams and director of a Post-Doctoral Research Project.


+40 332 880 050 – 554

Curiculum Vitae
Publications List
1.Crӑciun, B.F.; Clima, L.; Boștiog, D.I.; Silion, M.; Calin, M.; Peptanariu, D.; Pintealӑ, M.; Multilayer Gold nanoparticles as non-viral vectors for targeting MCF-7 cancer cells; Biomaterials Advances, 2023, 144, 213201.10.1016/j.bioadv.2022.21320120231
2.Vasiliu, T.; Craciun, B.F.; Neamtu, A.; Clima, L.; Isac, D.L.; Maier, S.S.; Pinteala, M.; Mocci, F. and Laaksonen A.; In silico study of PEI-PEG-squalene-dsDNA polyplex formation: the delicate role of the PEG length in the binding of PEI to DNA; Biomater. Sci., 2021, 9, 6623-6640.10.1039/D1BM00973G20215
3.Clima, L.; Craciun, B.F.; Angeli, A.; Petreni, A.; Bonardi, A.; Nocentini, A.; Carta, F.; Gratteri, P.; Pinteala, M. and Supuran, C.T.; Synthesis, computational studies and assessment of in vitro activity of squalene derivatives as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors; ChemMedChem, 2020, 15, 2052.10.1002/cmdc.20200050020202
4.Clima, L.; Craciun, B.F.; Gavril, G.; Pinteala, M. Tunable Composition of Dynamic Non-Viral Vectors over the DNA Polyplex Formation and Nucleic Acid Transfection. Polymers201911, 1313.10.3390/polym1108131320199
5.Craciun, B.F.; Gavril, G.; Peptanariu, D.; Ursu, L.E.; Clima, L.; Pinteala, M. Synergistic Effect of Low Molecular Weight Polyethylenimine and Polyethylene Glycol Components in Dynamic Nonviral Vector Structure, Toxicity, and Transfection Efficiency. Molecules201924, 1460.10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b00331201916
6.Crăciun, B.F.; Vasiliu, T.; Marangoci, N.; Pinteală, M. and Clima, L.; PEGylated Squalene: a biocompatible polymer as precursor for drug delivery; Rev. Roum. Chim., 2018, 63, 621-628.nos-7-8-201820185